BRally Amazon 2022 edition

The BRally Amazon is an adventure to discover the Amazon Rain Forest, taking place over 20 days and covering 500 nautical miles into the Amazon River, from the Delta to the heart of the Amazon, discovering the secrets of the river, the forest and its people.

The event offers a mix of cruising in company and free time to explore the region. The pace of the BRally allows the boats to remain together and enjoy group activities on land or in the privacy of their crew.

The fleet is accompanied by an infrastructure consisting of a support boat, private security, mechanic, medical and logistical staff, in addition to cultural and gastronomic events created especially for this adventure.

Event Schedule

Captains and sailboats should meet in Soure, in the Amazon Delta, until 10/29/2022.

Starting on 10/29/2022 SAT
Soure Ilha do Marajo PA
0°42.795’S S 48°32.055’W

The boats will arrive at Alter do Chão on 11/17/2022.

Ends on 17/11/2022 THU
Alter do Chão Santarém PA
2°30.279’S 54°57.442’W


BRally Amazon 2022 will be an exclusive event for a minimum of 10, up to 30 boats. This event attracts sailing and nature lovers, who have always dreamed of sailing in the Amazon and who will have the opportunity to sail in their own boat in a safe and organized way. If you don’t have a boat, you can participate in this experience as a crew member on one of the registered boats.


We require all boats to carry safety and communication equipment, which are generally already required by shipping authorities.

The sailboats must have a minimum length of 30′ and engines capable of moving the boat at a minimum speed of 6 knots, so that the fleet can sail together and boats can carry an adequate amount of water and fuel for the 500-mile course.

Why to Participate?

Most people participate in a flotilla of boats for the safety and tranquility of being part of an organized event; for the camaraderie and friendship of a large group of people with similar ideas; and the fun of sailing in a group.

In addition, our team will always be on hand to assist you when entering the country, or in obtaining spare parts and repairs, or simply, in indicating the best restaurants in the city.


The registration fee for sailboats flying a non-Brazilian flag is made up of a fee charged by the boat, its captain and one crew member. If the sailboat has additional crew members, another fee will be charged for each additional crew member.


Foreign sailboats will pay the registration fee of USD 3,000 / each boat, including the captain and one crew member.

Foreign sailboats regularly registered in the Recife-Fernando de Noronha International Regatta (REFENO) will pay the registration fee of USD 2,500 / each boat, including the captain and one crew member.

Each additional crew member will pay the organization fee of USD500. In addition to this fee paid to the organization, each crew member must agree their participation with the captain of the sailboat in which they are part of the crew. The payment of the registration fee to the organization does not guarantee the participation of the crew member, so each crew member must pay their registration only after being accepted in the crew of one of the boats.


Payment of a non-refundable reservation fee of US$1,000 will reserve a provisional spot on BRally Amazon through July 31, 2022. The reservation fee will be deducted from the registration fee.


Payment of 50% of the boat registration fee must be made by July 31, 2022. The full balance must be paid by August 31, 2022.


The first 10 boats entered or entries by March 31, 2022, whichever comes first, will pay a one-time fee of BRL 2,500 / each boat, including the captain and one crew.

Boat registrations from April 1st to July 31st will pay a one-time fee of USD 2,750 / each boat, including the captain and a crew member. After that date, the fee will be R$3,000 / each boat, including the captain and a crew member.

Each crew member registered until March 31, 2022, will pay a fee of USD400. From April 1st to July 31st, each crew member will pay a fee of USD 450 / crew member. After that date, the fee will be USD 500 / crew member.


Application fees will be fully refunded (except for the booking fee) if refund is requested within 7 (seven) days of application. There will be no refunds after this deadline, however, alternatively, you may choose to transfer your subscription fees in full as a credit towards the next edition of BRally Amazon, if any. The booking fee remains non-refundable.


To apply, all you need to do is fill in the online application form by clicking here and pay the entire application fee or, if you prefer, just pay the booking fee. You can pay using your Credit and Debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners, China UnionPay, JCB, Cartes Bancaires, Interac).

If you are not a boat captain/owner, you can apply to be a crew member on one of the registered boats. To do so, wait for the list of charter boats registered for the event, or if you prefer, sign up for the crew’s exchange and subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates.


After completing your application and paying your fee, we will send you a confirmation email and a receipt.

We will also ship the BRally Handbook by July 1, 2022 so you can start preparing. We encourage you to start using the website area to update your boat and crew information. You will start receiving BRally newsletters, and you will also be able to be part of the event’s WhatsApp group. These channels will provide you with information, tips, helpful reminders and this is where you can interact with other registered participants.


February 15, 2022

Opening online registrations. 1st promotional price (USD 2,500 / sailboat).

April 1, 2022

Opening of the 2nd promotional price (USD 2,750 / sailboat).

July 31, 2022

Last date for payment of 50% of sailboat registration fees and closing of promotional prices.

August 31, 2022

Last date for payment of the balance of registration fees, for boats and crew.