Refeno in partnership with BRally Amazon for 2021

The International Regatta Recife-Fernando de Noronha (Refeno) has another novelty for 2021. A partnership was signed with BRally Amazon so that sailors who participate in Refeno can also be present at the Amazon Rally, which starts on October 27th, and are entitled to a promotional rate.

The BRally Amazon is a cruising in company, sailing about 500 miles in 20 days covering the Amazon River and its beauties. The departure, on October 27th, will be in Soure, in the Amazon Delta, with the arrival in Alter do Chão, on November 15th.

“Our intention with the partnership is to unite the two events so that the sailors who are already going up the coast of Brazil to participate in Refeno can also come to the BRally Amazon. It is an opportunity to sail in the Amazon, in addition to getting to know and explore the local culture, cuisine, people, rivers and well-preserved nature. There will be two big events in a row for the sailors to participate in”, highlighted Delcio Sá, one of the organizers.

Throughout the event, the fleet will be accompanied by an infrastructure composed of private security, mechanics, medical and logistical staff, in addition to cultural and gastronomic events.

BRally Amazon will have up to 30 boats, with sailing and nature lovers from all over Brazil. It will be the chance to know the Amazon and delve into the richness of one of the country's greatest natural beauties.

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